Genshosha and Shokeizan

The smoke rising from the climbing kiln of Shokeizan-yaki has disappeared high into the sky, and all that remains now are the pieces created by the late Umeo Yamamoto.

The following is a small description of how Genshosha feels about being involved with Iwami-Yunotsu ware Shokeizan.

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  • The collection will include Shokeisa-yaki from Yunotsu in Shimane, Shiragi-earthenware, and other excavated items collected in the Sanin region.

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  • Tea Bowl

    The last potter of Shokeizan-yaki studied tea ceremony under Takatori Sheizan in Fukuoka. This collection deals mainly with Shokeizan-yaki, which was highly regarded for its quality of tea ceremony utensils.

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  • Platter

    The history of platters in Japan is said to have begun around the beginning of the Edo period. A large number of people would gather around a dish or a single picture plate.

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Genshosha ゲン-ショウ・シャ【現象・舎】

The meaning of Genshosha ゲン-ショウ・シャ【現象・舎】 is all things that can be perceived by humans.
The external manifestation of the essence of the harmony of natural and man-made temperance, or a collection of things.

We take old things in our hands, wild flowers and plants, and use local water to make tea, and collect things that have been passed down through the lives of nature and people.