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Matcha bowl Milky transparent glaze Flat tea bowl Shokeiyama kiln Iwami ware

Matcha bowl Milky transparent glaze Flat tea bowl Shokeiyama kiln Iwami ware

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The opaque milky transparent glaze is reduced and fired, giving it a grayish-blue hue.
You can see the rhythmical black spots in good condition as the iron melts out of the clay.

The inner part of the foot is also glazed, and the crazing is graceful, especially on the front side.

All the soil for Shokei Yamayaki is collected by the late Mr. Umeo Yamamoto himself. The silica stone that can be seen between the red clay is just right around the hand and seems to give a sense of unity with the vessel.

Seal and seal: Plum

φ15.6 x H6.7

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  • About the box

    In principle, we include a paulownia box in the selling price of our pottery.

    In some cases, the box is left with the calligraphy by the late Baisei Yamamoto, and in other cases, the box is newly made. Please understand that it may take some time for us to make a new box.

  • About Shokeizan-yaki

    Shokeizan Kiln is said to have been founded as far back as the Bunsei Era. In Shimane Prefecture, the kiln had a 14-stage climbing kiln at the end of a mountain road in the Kohama district of Yunotsu Town, and was one of the oldest Iwami ware kilns.